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There are a ton of benefits to doing meditation but it’s more than just relaxation and stress reduction. If you think yogis and Buddhist monks spent so much time in meditation just because of a better night sleep, you’re kidding yourself. They knew a thing or two about the benefits of meditation. And if you think the benefits are only spiritual, think again. There’s a reason why thousands of scientific studies are dedicated to this subject. Meditation not only calms your mind but it actually changes your brain structure. Physically speaking, meditation has many benefits to the brain. Without getting into the boring scientific terms, the act of meditation helps balance the left and right sides of your brain. When this happens, you will:

Become more creative
Allow for deeper thought
Increase your memory
Have the ability to focus much better
Actually increase intellect

You will also experience less

Increase your memory

Now we’ll get into the scientific stuff. For those who aren’t interested, just scroll down but I encourage you to read through this. Meditation also chemically changes your brain causing more of the following chemicals:

Serotonin – The natural “Happy” chemical that most anti-depressants activate Melatonin – If you have sleep problems you’ve inevitably heard of this! This is a HUGE sleep helper. This chemical also boosts the immune system to help fight against many

DHEA – Known as the “Fountain of Youth”, this is an amazing anti-aging hormone in the body that decreases with age. Meditation greatly increases the release of this. GABA – This neurotransmitter is a superstar at bringing a calm back to you combating anxiety, depression and addiction. Endorphins – Ability to help relieve pain and bring about feelings of euphoria. You’ve probably heard of the runner’s high. Meditation creates the same effect which is extremely beneficial against addiction.
Growth Hormone – Another anti-aging hormone, celebrities all over the world resort to synthetic forms of this to maintain their youth when they could just get it from meditation!

One major thing that we can all agree causes disease is stress. Chemically, this is an increase in cortisol which the brain releases when people are under stress. A huge bummer in the way of aging, this hormone actually speeds up the aging process.

A long time ago when we needed this chemical to initiate the “fight or flight” reaction it was helpful. Most of the time now…. not so much. These days, our perceived attacks come in the form of monthly bills, meeting family needs, issues at work, etc. These ongoing problems create chronic stress which can cause:

Digestive Problems
Weight Gain
Heart Disease

The good news is that mediation LOWERS cortisol levels by almost half. By lowering this hormone, your fight or flight response is brought more into balance.

Ok, for those of you that I lost earlier, you can tune back in now. We now know that scientifically, mediation has a ton of benefits but beyond the physical, meditation has some seriously supercharged benefits for your spiritual life. Take a look below for just a few.

Meditation brings you to a space where you not only get further away from your physical body but also brings you to an energetic place where we truly are all one. By raising your vibration, you tap into that level of consciousness and the higher understanding that it brings.

This is the level at which we access the quantum field. Other names this is called are Universal Consciousness, The Field or God. Use whatever you’re most comfortable with. Just know that you are connecting to an intelligence far beyond that of our own. It’s in this space that we can heal, learn and attract what we truly want. If you can let go of self-limiting beliefs, the potential for what you can do is huge.

There are so many more benefits physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually but these few should give you enough reason to try meditation. Just see what happens after a week!