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Crystals and Metaphysics

When we hear the word “crystals” many times it brings to mind images of alternative healing systems and spiritualities.  This is in addition to jewelry.  It is a fact that what we call crystals have been used since the beginning of civilization for both healing and their metaphysical properties.  Archeologists now have a vast amount of evidence to support the facts that crystals were used by early man as part of their spiritual practices and metaphysical beliefs.

In scientific terms, what give crystals their metaphysical characteristics is the crystalline atomic structures combined with the chemical composition that makes a crystal unique.  These two things are the foundation that enables a crystal to release and absorb energy as an electro magnetic field.  It is this field that gives the crystal the power, so to speak, of the metaphysical aspects that a crystal embodies.  The metaphysical aspects of crystals usually are considered “healing” in nature either spiritual or physical or both.

The fact that crystals come from “Mother Earth” is in itself spiritual and metaphysical in many spiritual and religious belief systems and practices.  Crystals are created from the center of the earth’s core or magma.  Each crystal is influenced by the geometric form, color and subtle vibration that comes with its inception in the earth’s core as it is formed.  The tiny, minute crystal structures that make up a crystal emits an energy frequency or vibration due to the constant movement of the atomic structures that it is made up of.  This motion plus the density of the crystal serves to emit or radiate light.  Light and movement is what plays the major part of the healing and spiritual dynamics of the metaphysical properties that a crystal embodies. Among the secondary properties includes color and chemical composition.

Since early time, man has had a symbiotic relationship to crystalline. There is documented evidence that crystals were used for spiritual practice since the fourth millennium before Christ.  Many of the ancient civilizations have shown evidence of using crystals for healing in multiple ways.  The ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Shaman, Sumerians, Greeks, Romans and Medicine men have used crystals in various ways for healing purposes.  They were used as jewelry in elixirs, worn or carried on the body, as well as in ceremonies and rituals by early man. 

It is this ancient knowledge that has been passed down all the way to today in regards to crystals and their uses.  Today, crystals are used in all kinds of ways and practices – some holistic, some New Age and some based on traditional cultural practices.