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Finger Shapes

First, choose a finger and hold it in front of you. I usually choose my index or middle finger for this. It won’t look exact but go with the one that looks closest like yours. 

The Straight/Square finger – A person with this shaped finger tends to be a strong independent person. You often wear a mask where you can be very emotional, anxious and sad but you hide it behind a tough exterior.  You like to be kind and can’t stand dishonesty.

The Pointed finger – You’re like a dog with a bone.  If you put your mind to something, it’s game on.  Nothing can stop you!  You’re a loyal friend and have no tolerance for people fake people.

The Large Knuckle finger – You like being a middle of the road type of person. You’re a people pleaser and don’t like conflict so you tend to go along with what others want.  You would rather sit back and watch instead of be the leader.

Finger Tip Shapes


Sharp – a person with sharp or pointed fingers tends to be very creative and artistic; however, they usually lack the follow through to finish what they start. They will generally go more for unusual adventures instead of the practical route.

Shovel – this person will usually go the road less traveled. They will not follow the crowd. They are impulsive and tend to react before thinking it through. They have a mind that will see ways around obstacles and often have brilliant ideas.

Square – a person with squared fingertips are practical minded and like to make plans. They are definitely not spontaneous people.  Once they have a plan in place, they are great at working through the details and finishing their projects.

Round – people with round fingertips are more laid back and do not like conflict. They tend to worry what others think of them. Instead of going for a run, they’re more likely to be found reading or thinking deeply about something.