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There are several lines on the palm.  There are three major lines and several minor lines.  The major lines are the life line, the heart line and the head line.  The most famous being the life line.  The reading of these lines has gone back thousands of years and are tied to Indian and Chinese astrology.  By reading these lines, one can get a sense of someone’s personality and character traits.


Life Line

Located between the index finger and thumb, this line runs down to the base of the palm near the wrist.  A lot of people think that the length of your life line indicates how long you’ll live but that’s not correct.  There are many meanings that this line can reveal depending on its depth, length and shape.  This line is related to experiences in your life including relationships with other people.  It will also show your physical and mental health throughout your life including sickness and accidents.


Heart Line

The heart line is located above both the head and life lines and runs from below the index finger, across the palm and toward the base of the middle finger or the little finger.  As the name suggests, this line is related to a person’s emotional stability as well as the actual physical health of the heart.  This is also known as the love line or the mensal line.


Head Line

The head line is between the life line and the heart line.  This line is a predictor of a person’s intelligence and intuition.  As with the heart line being indicative of heart health, the head line is an indicator of head/brain health. This includes memory and cognitive abilities.


Fate Line


The Fate Line (also called the Line of Destiny) is a vertical line located in the middle of the palm and runs toward the base of the middle finger.  Associated with career, luck and success, it shows a person’s path with education and employment.  Tied in with the life line, the fate line will show how the events in your life have affected you and how much of your life is determined by fate or your own free will.


Health Line


As the name suggests, the health line shows exactly that… the health of the individual who is being read.  Unlike other lines, if this line is missing on your hand, it’s actually a good sign that you won’t have health issues throughout your life.  That doesn’t mean that if you do have a health line that it means your health will only be bad.  There could be occasional health issues or longer lasting ones.  If you have a straight line that doesn’t touch the life line, that also indicates a strong healthy life.  How your health line appears can also indicate issues with your life partner.


Line of Apollo (also known as the Sun Line or Success Line)


This line begins in the Mount of Luna and extends up towards the Mount of Apollo under the ring finger.  The Line of Apollo is a predictor of wealth, fame and success as it shows your confidence and follow through.  Not having a Line of Apollo neither indicates success or failure but where the line exists on your palm and how long it is will show what to expect.  Remember that you’re not ruled by your lines, because of free will, you can make changes in your life that will change this line on your hand. 


Bracelet Line (or lines)


These lines indicate your future in health, wealth and happiness.  You can have 2, 3 or 4 lines, though 3 is usually the standard.  There are several ways to read these lines depending on how many lines you have and what they look like.  They also indicate at what age things will happen.  There are many ways to read these lines and definitely worth looking into deeper.


Girdle of Venus


This line runs from the base of the middle finger to the base of the ring finger in an arch above the Heart Line.

Having this line suggests that the person is extreme in their emotions and can tend to have anxiety.  They are also quite creative and adventuresome. 


Ring of Solomon (also known as the Ring of Jupiter)


This line is located at the bottom of the index finger and can be a straight line or a semicircle.  It indicates someone who is a leader or a person in a position of authority.  They are also highly intelligent and intuitive. They are extremely observant and can turn bad luck into good luck in crisis.


Travel Lines


As the name suggests, these lines suggest opportunities of domestic or foreign travel.  The placement of the lines indicates different reasons and outcomes such as the reason for travel, the length of time, safety or danger as well as if the travel is for work or enjoyment.


Marriage Line (also known as the Relationship Line)


This line is located right below the base of the little finger. Again, in line with its name, the marriage line indicates the details surrounding your married life or love life. You could have no marriage line, one line or two lines. Also, the line could curve up or down, have forks, be long or short or have other markings. This line can change as time goes on and you have more experience with relationships.