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The earth or is estimated to have existed for more than 4.5 Billion years. Hard to wrap your brain around… right? In mythology, the earth or “Gaia” is known as the ancestral mother of all life. It’s really mind boggling to think that the earth has the perfect combination of distance to the sun, seasons, tides, water, a protective magnetic field and so many other details to make our existence even possible.

The other WOW fact is that the earth provides essentially everything life needs to live including the restorative powers of water, plants and the sun.

This section is to explore all that mother earth provides for us and how to use these natural resources in our daily lives to heal, grow and thrive. We’ll talk about everything from healing remedies to how to use herbs and oils and crystals for magick. We’ll offer guidance and instructions on how to make many of these recipes as well as information on the natural substance, where it is found and how many uses it has.

We will be adding information on a regular basis to this category as the uses for what mother earth has entrusted to us are endless. Some of the topics that we will explore are:

We will also talk about unusual theories that some people have about the earth and its inhabitants. Make sure to check back often for new articles!