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When you think of the word “MEDITATION”, What comes to mind?

If you’re anything like I was, it brings images of painful poses in perfect stillness while chanting Ohm for hours on end. That image was something I wanted no part of but I kept hearing this little voice telling me I should be meditating. Honestly, it was the last thing I wanted to do.

I was a busy person with a family, a business and a million thoughts that would roll around my brain in an apparent attempt to win some kind of race. I didn’t have the time or desire to dedicate to a regular practice that would take years before I would see any kind of benefit.

That voice wouldn’t go away….
It kept talking….
Taunting me….

“OK OK! I’ll look into it!” I said one day (probably out loud because I tend to do that. Just ask my family). And so the search began and it was painstaking.

looked at what felt like a million forms of meditative practice. I looked at their history and what “belief system” they belonged to. Then I would go down the rabbit hole and look at all the topics related to that belief system. Needless to say, I never even got started doing the actual meditation. I was defeated before I even began!

What was my biggest problem? I thought meditation was so much more complicated than it really was. I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

Meditation is SIMPLE!

That’s it. That’s the huge, secret truth that so many in the “spiritual” community don’t talk about. Can it be complicated? Yes but it doesn’t have to be and to be straight with you, the best and deepest meditation that you will do is the one that’s easiest for you. Amazing right?

“I meditate 3 times per week for 30 minutes.”
“You do? I meditate every day for an hour and chant in front of my alter.”
“I meditate twice per day for an hour each while balancing on a unicycle”

Uh, yeah…you get the point. It can be intimidating to listen to those stories. I like these conversations better.

“I really should be meditating more.”

“Me too. I tried for a while but I seem to let it go sometimes.  I always feel better when I’m doing it.”

“We all do that. Want to start a meditation group so we can keep each other on track?”

“That sounds awesome! I’d love to!”