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Numerology is a divination method that uses numbers to gain insight into different aspects of your life and personality.  Be

sides straight numerology, you will find this method is also used in tarot and astrology.  The belief is that there is an order to the universe that numbers can quantify.

The 3 main types of numerology are Chaldean, Pythagorean and Kabbalah.  The most widely system is Pythagorean where each letter in the alphabet is matched to a number from 1 to 9 and works with both names and dates. Pythagorean stated that all numbers have a specific vibration and each vibration has a specific universal meaning.

History of Numerology

As humanity evolved, numbers became more and more vital. Systems of all kinds were developed from easy measurements to systems that were used for religious beliefs. These systems grew in depth and detail.  Most of these systems were developed by the Chaldeans, the Hindus, the Mayans, the Hebrews and the Chinese. In the beginning, these first systems were used to explain the relationship between man and the universe or God.

While Pythagoras did not invent Numerology, he was one of the most influential people in the development of numerology.  His interest in it pushed him to explore further and advance the system in place at the time. He was able to predict the future for individuals by using their dates of birth and names. It was through much of his work that we are able to have a better understanding of numerology today and how it works.

As you learn more and more about different systems of Numerology, you’ll notice that they all have some basic elements in common.  An example of this would be using a person’s name and birth date and how they spell out their own inherent traits and characteristics.

Beyond the name and date of birth, numerology systems can be used to bring light to the different challenges that a person may face throughout their life and the methods that can be used for overcoming those challenges. In some cases, simply being aware of those changes can be sufficient enough for the person to overcome those challenges by working at balancing out their negative traits with more positive traits.

Finally, numerology is also frequently used to analyze the potential success of a romantic relationship in order to avoid the matching of two individuals whose inherent traits could potentially spell out disaster when it comes to love and romance. Numerology can also be used to analyze the potential problems that may be present in a relationship as well.

There are different types of Numerology which are practiced separately.

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