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Let’s first define exactly what a Pendulum is. In simplest terms, a pendulum is a weight that hangs from a fixed point allowing it to freely swing back and forth.

The second part about a pendulum is that it works on inertia. By definition, inertia is the tendency of a body to maintain its state of rest or uniform motion unless acted upon by an external force.

Let’s say the last part of that again… “UNLESS ACTED UPON BY AN EXTERNAL FORCE”. The external force being spirit or God or the field or whatever else you wish to call it.

It’s simple. You simply ask the pendulum a question and depending on the way it swings, you’ll get your answer. Now obviously you can’t ask open ended questions and expect them to be answered. It’s not an actual free flowing conversation with spirit. You’ll need to ask Yes or No questions. This is why it’s one of the easiest forms of divination and usually the first kind a person will work with.

Let’s get down to details.

1. First get yourself a pendulum. There are lots of different kinds of pendulums out there. You’ll find them made out of everything from precious metals and exotic woods to crystals and glass. If you need a pendulum and you’re in a bind, you can even use a necklace if it has a weighted charm on it. You can even hang a ring or a button from a string. What the pendulum looks like doesn’t matter as much how you use it.

2. If you have a pendulum that you use often, it’s good to clear it between uses. Leaving it near selenite or plain salt or rinsing it under water (if it’s appropriate for the material) is a good way to clear it of any residual energy.

3. Programing your pendulum. You do this to make sure you know the difference between your Yes and No answers.

a.   First, hold the end of the chain between your fingers with one hand and allow it to hang down. Gently steady the weight of the pendulum with the other hand. Make sure the pendulum is hanging without movement.

b.   Once you see that it is motionless, ask the pendulum to show you “Yes”. After a couple of seconds, the pendulum will begin to swing. Notice the direction of the swing. This could be back and forth, side to side or in a circle.

c.   After noting what your “Yes” answer looks like, stead they pendulum again and then ask it to show you “No”. Once again, you’ll notice it start to move after a couple of seconds. This should be in a different or opposite direction as your “Yes” answer. It has to be different enough so that you know the difference between your answers.
For instance, A couple of examples are:

“Yes” could be it swinging back and forth while “No” is it swinging in a circle.
“Yes” is a clockwise circle and “No” could be a circle going counter clockwise.
“Yes” could be swinging side to side and “No” is swinging back and forth.

Make sure while working with your pendulum your hand isn’t moving at all. If the pendulum doesn’t start moving right away, just be patient. It’s the first time you’ve worked with it… you need to build a relationship. Talk nice to it!

Play with it for a while. After you feel comfortable that you have a solid “Yes” or “No”, start asking it actual questions that you know the answer to so that you can see that it’s working.

As a side note, please be aware that there are times where you won’t get an answer to your question. This can be frustrating but there can be many reasons for this. One reason is that you’re not supposed to know!

I know that’s hard to believe but we incarnated here for a reason and if we knew all the answers we likely would try to sidestep the difficult times so that we wouldn’t feel any pain. You have to remember that our soul selves planned in advance the awesome lessons we wanted to learn during this adventure on Earth and if we let our human emotions get in the way of that, we likely won’t fulfill whatever goal we had in mind.