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We live, work and operate on the physical realm and because of this it’s easy to get wrapped up in only what our eyes perceive. That’s the downside of limiting ourselves to what we can see and touch with our physical senses. That said, there are other realms or planes of existence with different beings on each.

Learning about these other planes of existence isn’t only great for our intellect but can be extremely beneficial to connect fora greater understanding of both creation as well as how communication with them can positively affect our own life path.

There are many different names for other planes of existence. You’ll hear them described as the Astral, Causal, Celestial and Spiritual Realms. There are still other names such as the Shamanic and Elemental Realms.

The fact is that we connect to some realms already through our thoughts, emotions and actions. Why not understand how to connect in the best way to help create the life that you desire most. By using objects of intention on the physical plane we can speed up the process of turning thoughts and emotions into things.

First I’m sure you have many questions. Some of them may include:

How do you distinguish one plane from the other?
What beings reside on each realm?
Is it safe to explore other realms?
How do you connect with other realms?
What are the benefits of connecting with each

All of these will be addressed as well as many others. Come along for a journey through the realms.